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Cybersecurity Hiring Frenzy

On Tuesday July 19, 2022, the Biden administration announced a plan to create hundreds of registered apprenticeship programs with the private sector to increase the nation’s cybersecurity workforce.

This announcement highlights what officials describe as a critical lack of cybersecurity professionals in both government and private industry to help protect the country from adversaries and cyber criminals.

Ms Gina Ramondo, Commerce Secretary  disclosed that there were an estimated 500,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the US. and today that figure has exploded to nore than 700,000 – a 40% increase.

In recent years, a steady flow of cyberattacks targeting government agencies, financial institutions, health care and other sectors have shown the country’s exposure to cyber vulnerabilites.  This showcases not only the lack of adecuate security personnel but also the growth of hacker groups.

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis told CNN on Tuesday the United States is currently only able to fill about two-thirds of all cyber job openings being added to the industry each year, resulting in the increase in vacancies.

“It’s going to take a little bit longer to arrest its upward climb before we bend it and we trend it down,” he said. “But we’re very aggressive about this, and I think we can make a substantial difference in months or a few years’ time as opposed to having this be with us for the next generation.”

In the coming months, he added, the US government expects to publish a national cyber workforce strategy that will lay a foundation for further training and development.

As part of Tuesday’s summit, dozens of businesses and organizations descended on the White House to discuss how to expand the nation’s cybersecurity workforce. The list of attendees included tech companies such as Amazon and Google; cybersecurity firms such as Mandiant and Fortinet; and businesses that consumers interact with daily, such as Bank of America and Walmart.

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