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Good News: Cybersecurity measures making Progress

Good News:  US Government Cyberspace Initiatives are being implemented providing significant improvements to US cybersecurity.

As you might know, Congress created the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) to identify a strategic approach to securing cyberspace. Over the course of three years, the Commission developed 116 recommendations. The Commission’s original report in March 2020 had 82 recommendations. Of these, nearly 60 percent are fully implemented or nearing implementation, and more than 25 percent are on track to implementation.

However, implementation is not the same as success. Lasting improvements in national cyber resilience will take sustained attention, investment, and agility to address the ever-shifting threat landscape.

Accordingly, this assessment details both the progress of the Commission’s original work as well as the work of the non-profit CSC 2.0 project that has accepted the baton in the long race to secure cyberspace. Even as we issue this progress report, we know that assessing implementation is not enough.


We urge readers to consider this report as a mid-course check, laying a path for the many stakeholders in government and industry charged with a task that we cannot afford to fail — protecting our national cybersecurity.

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