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Basic Cyber


Let’s start with cybersecurity basics. Do you know how to help protect your files and devices from potential cyber attacks?

Physical Security

Strong physical security is an important part of cybersecurity. A burglary, lost laptop, stolen mobile device, or misplaced flash drive can have serious consequences.

Secure Remote Access

Do you know which security standards you should follow before connecting to the company network remotely?


Someone in your company gets an email. It looks legitimate — but with one click on a link, or one download of an attachment, everyone is locked out of your network. How do you identify ransomware and what should you do to protect your business?

Tech Support Scams

You get a phone call, pop-up, or email telling you there’s a problem with your computer. What would you do next?

Vendor Security

A vendor whose network is connected to yours gets hacked. The result: your business data and your customers’ personal information has ended up in the wrong hands — putting your business and your customers at risk.